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Legislative Debate Flow


All Legislative Delegates are assigned to a Legislature, Chamber and Committee.  Each Legislature (i.e. Livingston or Kean) is comprised of 2 Chambers (Assembly and Senate) and is comprised of approximately 5 Committees that are created by Bill Topics.  

The Bill flow for all Legislative Delegates is as follows:

  1. Bill Author pass their bill out of Committee

  2. Bill proceeds to Chambers
    **NOTE** There is no guarantee that the Bill Author will present the bill first in Chamber.  The Co-Sponsor may in fact present the bill first in their Chamber

    1. Bill Author passes their Bill in Chamber 1 (e.g. Assembly)

    2. Bill’s Co Sponsor passes their Bill in Chamber (e.g. Senate)

  3. Bill proceeds to the Governor and the Cabinet for deliberation

    1. Bills are then passed into law by the Governor or

    2. Bills are vetoed and returned back to the Chamber

Procedural Motions


The below motions take precedence over any pending questions or motions out of which they arise.  Some motions are only incidental under certain circumstances.  Most of these motions are not debatable and can be used at any point during the program weekend:





These motions can be utilized during Committee and Chamber Sessions in the following circumstances:

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