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Dress Code


Due to the significant nature of the issues being discussed at the Conference and the institutions they are modeling, delegates must dress appropriately. As a general rule for all delegates, clothing should be professional and reflect the core values of the YMCA. There is a strict business formal dress code, though any delegates with financial concerns regarding access to business attire can contact staff or delegation leadership for guidance. 


Option 1 

 Suit, complete with a shirt and tie.  

  • A suit includes a coat, blazer, or sports jacket, which will be worn at all times. Cardigans do not count as business formal when paired with a suit.

  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times. 

  • Delegates are encouraged to include ties!


Option 2

Pantsuit or dress/jumpsuit with a shoulder covering


  • All clothing should be professional attire, and not something that would be worn day-to-day. Steer clear of sun-dresses and T-shirts.

  • Shoulder coverings include blazers, sweaters, and cardigans. In a few instances, long sleeved blouses may be worn without a blazer/cardigan.

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