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Peer to Peer Mentoring Program


The Peer to Peer Mentoring Program was instituted to improve the experience of new-comers to the YAG conference experience.  This is an opportunity for more experienced members of our community to help new and less experienced members get the most out of the academic challenges and social opportunities presented at conference.  


Mentor Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Meet with their assigned mentees prior to pre-leg, immediately after pre-leg, during the bill writing or brief writing time frame, and before conference.  These meetings can be done virtually on-line, over the phone, or any other method that works for both the mentor and the mentee.  

  • Find some time to meet your mentee in person at conference.  Offer them some reassuring words of support and encourage them to get the most out of their experience.

  • Help the mentee understand the method of presenting their bill, the basics of parli-pro, how to speak in front of a room of people who they don’t know, etc.  

  • Help their mentee understand and overcome nervousness, insecurity, and achieve the confidence and oral abilities necessary to present their ideas and arguments.  

  • Advise their mentee on making new friends, taking the opportunity to find their safe space while simultaneously expanding their horizon and inner circle of friends.


Mentee Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Meet with and listen to your Mentor as much as possible.  Your mentor was in your shoes just a year or two ago.  They probably have some advice that will pay dividends during Conference.  

  • Ask questions of your Mentor.  Your Mentor has had many of the same questions when they first went to YAG and has since then figured out how to deal with and handle different situations.

  • When things go well, let your Mentor know so they understand that their volunteering has made a difference.  

  • If there is a problem, or you need help, let your mentor know.  They may know how to resolve the issue or will direct you to an officer or staff person who can assist.

  • “Thank” your Mentor and let them know exactly what helped you and remember this when you are in a position to be a Mentor in future years!

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