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NJ YAG Leadership Opportunities

Youth Governor

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide the leadership model for the entire Program, reflecting the Code of Conduct, YMCA Ground Rules, and YMCA Core Values

  • Attend the week long Youth Governor’s Conference held in Washington DC following their election

  • Work with program staff to select a Cabinet

  • Create a collective vision and subsequent goals for Officer Corps for the 2024 Conference

  • Presides over the Pre-Legislative Session as well as the Conference Weekend 

  • Study all legislation with the Cabinet and prepare responses

  • Work throughout the year to ensure the quality of the program


Officer Corps

At each conference, every committee elects officers to lead the committee for the following program year. This corps of officers collaborates with the Youth Governor and YMCA program staff to develop debate topics and plan the conference through attendance at an annual officers’ retreat in October and several meetings and conference calls throughout the year.  At conference, the committee chair is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the smooth procedural operation of their respective committee.  Students are given a unique opportunity to learn about leading their peers and working with others in a dynamic, team-oriented setting, a feature that sets NJ YAG apart from other high school programs.


Chair of Legislative Bodies


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preside over Legislative Bodies and debate of the Conference

  • May not debate on the floor

  • Must assure that all bills receive fair and equitable treatment

  • Explain procedures to the legislature and enforce order and decorum during sessions; guide legislators through Parli-Pro process

  • Report on chamber activities at closing session

  • Select 3 nominees for Outstanding Statesperson with the chamber advisor

  • Must be able to commit time to the program throughout the year by attending Officer Training sessions

Governor’s Cabinet


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preside over debate in these sessions as needed

  • May not debate on the floor

  • Produce content on topic specific to aid legislative delegates in bill drafting

  • Supporting delegates in Bill Strengthening of legislation relevant to the Cabinet Members assigned commission.

  • Deliberate on Bills as passed through the committee/chamber with the Governor.

Chief Justice 

Additional Qualifications:

  • Must have one year experience in the Judicial program

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Presides over the court both administratively and in the courtroom

  • Must set a positive tone over all proceedings

  • Sets the court’s docket with Program Staff

  • Must read and understand all cases, legal arguments, and briefs

  • Assists every legal team in the preparation of their case on an as needed basis​

Editor in Chief 

The Editor in Chief is responsible for all NJ Y&G media presence throughout the year, as well as running Press at Conference. EiC is selected through an application and interview process run by Program Staff. 


Additional Qualifications:

  • Must have one year experience in the Press Corps

  • Must have some background, whether personal or professional, in the relevant fields of journalism, social media, video editing, etc.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preside over the Press Corps through the Legislative Year from February through March

  • Chair the Public Relations subcommittee within the Officer Corps, responsible for representing the program in the media throughout the year

  • Responsible for multiple press pieces through the course of the year, including print, video, and social media posts

  • Must set a positive, creative, and constructive tone over all sessions while keeping track of delegates’ work and deadlines

  • Curate an atmosphere of fast-paced, fact-based, and timely work accurately reflective of real press professions

  • Assist Press Corp members in completing their specific tasks, training them on journalistic standards

  • Disseminate campaign-related information for the annual gubernatorial election race, including platforms and debates

  • Disseminate other program-related messaging e.g. announcements, logistics, events

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