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NJ YAG Delegate Roles


This year, students may elect to attend as a Legislator. As a legislator, delegates are the writers and debaters of the bills of the Conference. Each legislator writes one bill and has the chance over the course of Conference to defend the bill in debate proceedings in their Legislative Bodies. They are also required to cosponsor one of their fellow delegate's bills in a different chamber.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must write a bill 

  • Research their legislation and their cosponsor's legislation thoroughly

  • Read and know the rules of Parliamentary Procedure

  • Uphold the Four Core Values while debating during sessions and all other Conference functions


Judicial Program

The Youth Appeals Court of New Jersey (the Court) resolves cases dealing with issues of law that affect State laws, State Constitutional Issues, or Federal Constitutional Issues. During the Conference delegates will take the role as either an Advocate or a Juror while on the Court.  


Advocates will be demarcated into teams of three to four people, typically with other members of their school. All teams will present both select Appellate cases during the Conference Weekend, as well as deliberate on other cases. The presentation of a case requires that the teams of advocates collaborate on a brief, which is to be completed by a particular due date given by the Chief Justices at Pre-Leg. Additionally, these teams will present an oral argument before the court, in favor of the side assigned to them during Pre-Leg.


The deliberation portion of the Conference will require that delegates hear the arguments of a case, question the attorneys presenting the case, and then argue between themselves as to the conclusion as Jurors. Jurors are not required to state Parli-Pro and instead can talk when they feel ready without any motion in advance. The teams which are presenting will be sequestered during the deliberations, and will remain outside of the courtroom until a decision has been made.

Advocates will also be deliberating the constitutionality of certain bills. Time will be allotted for both research as well as the preparation of arguments based on the specific challenge to the constitutionality of the proposed legislation. Following the presentation of each argument, in a slightly truncated fashion, Chief Justices will deliberate on the bill’s constitutionality. The decision made by the Justices is final and will stop the progression of a bill into law.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Read and become well-versed in cases being deliberated on the Youth Appeals Court of New Jersey

  • Work collaboratively with an assigned team to write a judicial brief representing an assigned position

  • Present and debate the viewpoints taking in written brief to jury of peers

  • Deliberate as jurors on cases presented

  • Uphold the Four Core Values while debating during sessions and all other Conference functions

Press Corps

The Press Corps is tasked with several items: producing newspapers (YagMags), editorial pieces, video content (Between the Gavels), running social media, news-style broadcasts, and running press Conferences for the Governor election during Conference.  All Press members, under the guidance of the Editors-in-Chief, work in collaboration to develop the format and content contained in media deliverables. Through these editorial pieces, Press delegates will be able to voice their own opinions and express creativity through various forms of media.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be the voice of YAG through creative and intentional work

  • Report on, observe, and formulate opinions on bills presented during Committee Sessions in their work

  • Prepare and ask questions of the Candidates for Governor at the Election Forum

  • Cover all Conference & Pre-Leg activities and report events in a balanced and professional manner

  • Must be able to write in a journalistic manner that upholds the YMCA Four Core Values

  • Will gain experience using professional video/photo equipment and editing softwares

  • Must be able to work flexibly and on a tight schedule 

  • Uphold the Four Core Values while debating during sessions and all other Conference functions


Delegate Coordinators

The Delegate Coordinator is an appointed position within each delegation.  It is requested that the delegation advisor appoint this position as early as possible.  The role of the Delegate Coordinator is to improve communication between officers, and staff, and each delegation.  Each Delegate Coordinator will be paired with a program officer from the Experiential Subcommittee so that they can stay informed about everything necessary to perform their function.  A good Delegate Coordinator can, theoretically, make the job of the Advisor easier.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Be aware of all deadlines for registration, bill or brief submissions, activities, requirements, assignments, responsibilities, etc.

  • Maintain constant and continuing communication with their assigned officer to remain up to date on any changes in deadlines and activities.

  • Communicate all information about the conference, pre-leg, and other activities to their advisor and members of their delegation, including any updates, changes, and alterations.

  • Being a “go to” contact person for any delegate who has questions, problems, or other issues.  The Delegate Coordinator is not necessarily the person to resolve any issues, but should be able to identify the officer, staff member, or advisor that the delegate can be directed to.

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