COVID-19 Policies


The following FAQs provide information on COVID-19-related protocols for CE programs during the 2021-2022 program year. All policies are subject to change, and updates will be reflected on this page.

Will Civic Engagement programs be held in-person or virtually?

Model UN (High School) is currently planned to be held in-person at Hershey Lodge.

Middle School Model UN is currently planned to be held virtually.

No decision has been made about NJ Youth & Government at this time.

All plans are subject to change.

[Updated 9/15/21]

Will Y-MUN conference attendees be required to wear masks?  

Yes, all Y-MUN conference attendees (including delegates, advisors, chaperones, nurses, program staff volunteers, and YMCA staff) will be required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times inside the Hershey Lodge, from arrival until departure, except when eating and drinking during meal times and when in their assigned hotel room with the door closed.

[Updated 9/15/21]

Will there be any testing requirements to attend the conference?
Yes, all conference attendees (including delegates, advisors, chaperones, nurses, YMCA staff, and volunteers) will be required to provide results of a negative COVID-19 to attend conference. Testing will be coordinated through YMCA partner Grapefruit.

[Updated 9/15/21]

Will vaccination be required for conference attendees?

The YMCA strongly encourages that all eligible participants get vaccinated. Vaccine status can be provided on a voluntary basis during registration.

[Updated 9/15/21]

Will Hershey Lodge employees be vaccinated or masked?

Hershey Resorts policies and safety information can be found here and here.

[Updated 9/16/21]

Will there be any changes to hotel room occupancy for delegates or advisors?

For the 2022 conference, we will offer a dual occupancy (2 per room) option for delegates, in addition to standard quad occupancy (4 per room). We anticipate this as a 2022 only change to ensure there is enough space at Hershey Lodge to accommodate all program participants in future years.

Delegation advisors will be able to select between dual and single occupancy, as in previous years.

[Updated 9/15/21]

For required COVID-19 testing prior to conference, will individual participants or schools/YMCAs be required to cover the cost of the Covid test? 

No, the cost of COVID-19 testing will not be charged to individual participants, schools or YMCAs. The cost of testing will be billed through medical insurance at zero out-of-pocket cost to participants. Additional information will be provided as conference approaches.

[Updated 9/15/21]


Will each student or advisor be required to individually submit test results to the YMCA prior to conference?

No, test results will be provided directly to the YMCA by Grapefruit. Additional information will be provided as conference approaches.

[Updated 9/15/21]


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