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Model United Nations

Our Mission

YMCA Model United Nations (Y-MUN) is designed to introduce students to world cultures while debating issues of international importance in a hands-on environment.


Students participate in conflict resolution, public speaking, build coalitions while making new friends and exposing themselves to new ideas.


Through its uniqueness among Model UN programs as a student-run conference and its emphasis on servant leadership, our program provides an unprecedented opportunity for young people to grow and develop as communicators, researchers, negotiators, and leaders.

2023 Conference:

January 6-8, 2022 | Hershey Lodge, PA

Model UN Committees

Student delegates represent their assigned country within a committee based on the real United Nations focused on a specific topic, region, or crisis.

In addition, Y-MUN offers specialized committees that simulate historical events and prosecute crimes against international law, while a multimedia press corps documents and reports on each committee's efforts.


Student Leadership

Y-MUN is unique among peer programs for its emphasis on student leadership and character development. Each committee at Y-MUN is chaired by high school students, not college advisors.

These student officers, led by a Secretary-General elected by the entire program, develop committee topics and conference initiatives each year guided by volunteer staff.

Volunteer Leadership

Y-MUN relies on a group of volunteers to design, plan, and execute the program each year. These volunteer leaders are all alumni of Y-MUN, so their dedication to the program extends to ensure that each delegate has the experience that brings them back year after year.


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