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Security Council

Security Council is an enduring committee within the United Nations that proactively tackles challenges threatening international peace. The committee is distinguished among other UN bodies due to its unique composition and authority — it is the only committee where five select members hold the power to veto any resolution, making the interplay between nations quite fascinating. Security Council is a world of intense deliberation and critical decision-making. Delegates representing nations around the globe gather, unearthing current and pressing global concerns. The discourse that ensues is marked by a high degree of scrutiny and robust arguments, as each representative not only seeks to secure their nation's interests but also uphold the collective international security. The crux of their task lies in drafting comprehensive resolutions, elaborating upon the means and strategies to address the issue at hand. This involves an intricate balancing act between national interests and global peace, making the Security Council's work both engaging and paramount to global stability.



2024 Topics

Nautical Sovereignty, International Organized Crimes, Limiting Spheres of Influence

2024 Officers

Nitil Raj


Pragathi Mahesh


Sid Narla

Hunterdon Central

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