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Advika Pantage

Hunterdon Central

Advika Pantage

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

Hi! I’m Advika Patange from Hunterdon Central, and I’m chairing the Social Humanitarian, and Cultural committee for 2023! I’m a senior and this will be my fourth and final year in Model UN. I’m really excited to meet everyone and make SocHum feel like a family. I want to make everyone feel super comfortable and encourage everyone to speak! My advice for any nervous first-years is to meet new people, break out of your shell, and take a risk! Speaking is so rewarding and SocHum B is a judgment-free zone :)

Outside of Model UN, I’m the president and founder of my school’s garden club, I’m an editor for my school’s newspaper, I’m on the swim team for my school, and I lifeguard and teach swim lessons. I’m a taurus sun and sag rising + moon. My dream pet is a cow. My favorite color is purple.I love eating, traveling, going on road trips, going to the beach, growing my own food, and going hiking. I love taking pictures of every moment I can capture. My favorite artists are Taylor Swift, SZA, the Weeknd, and Megan Thee Stallion.

I’m so excited to meet everyone and have a wonderful conference this year!

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