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Danica Chakroborty

North Hunterdon

Danica Chakroborty


Hello everyone! My name is Danica Chakroborty, of the North Hunterdon High School Delegation,  and I am the Secretary-General for 2023. I’m currently a senior, and this will be my sixth year in MUN! What I’m most excited about for this conference is meeting and hearing from all of you, because the absolute best part of MUN is the friends and memories I get to make. If there was one piece of advice I would give to anyone feeling nervous or afraid going into conference, it’s that you’ll quickly find that we’re all one big family as a committee, within a larger family as a conference, so worry not - you’ll feel the MUN-love commence almost immediately! Don’t be afraid of just going up to someone and talk to them, that’s part of what makes our conference so lovely - everyone’s open to more friends (especially me)!

Outside of MUN, I’m involved in a few similar clubs and activities: I am a part of MUN’s sister program, Youth and Government, my school’s student council, Mock Trial, and am a class officer. Apart from that, I love learning new languages and currently speak 3: Bengali, English (and yes, it does count), Hindi, and am working on learning Spanish. I have picked up knitting over the past year, and have become an expert in making very wide scarves. I am an avid reader, and my favorite genre and book depend entirely upon my mood. I honestly prefer Baskin Robbins drinks over Dunkin’ and Starbucks (there, I said it) and I love music. In fact, I have a very long playlist with songs that remind me of every MUN conference I’ve attended since 7th grade - available upon request. And of course, I cannot wait to get to know all of you!

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