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Devon Garutti

Hunterdon Central

Devon Garutti

Youth Secretariat

Hi! My name is Devon Garutti and I’m one of the Lead Youth Secretariat for this year's conference!  I’m a senior from Hunterdon Central and this is going to be my 6th, and sadly, final year doing MUN.  As Lead YS I will also have the opportunity to be a delegate at this year’s conference so I can’t wait to see some of you in committee session.  My advice for less experienced or first year delegates is to put yourself out there at the beginning of conference because then you’re able to set yourself up for success and feel more confident as conference continues on.

Some things about myself are that I’m a huge fan of baseball, from working at Diamond Nation, to watching almost every Yankees game, and wanting to study sports management in college.  My dream is to become a general manager of an MLB team.  Another fact about myself that my friends always like to bring up is that my uncle is the CEO of Shake Shack, but I don’t get any free food :(

I’m so excited to see you guys at conference and to be able to be a delegate with some of you!

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