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Emi Goswami

New Providence

Emi Goswami

Economic & Finance

Hello delegates!  My name is Emi Goswami, of the New Providence High School Delegation, and I am thrilled and honored to be chairing the Economic and Finance Committee at the 2023 conference.  I am currently a senior, so this will be my fourth and final year of participating in Model United Nations.  What I am most excited about for this conference is getting to experience Model United Nations through a different position and of course meeting all of you!  If there is one piece of advice I can give to you is always try your best.  Whether it has to do with conferences or outside of Model United Nations, it’s important to always try your best in life, and never be afraid of failure.  You always get back up.

Outside of Model United Nations, I am involved in several other clubs at my school.  I take part in the Japanese Club, School Paper Club, National Honor Society, and Student Council.  I am also a tri-athlete.  I play tennis, swim, and golf for my school.  I enjoy traveling around the world, and have been to Japan 13 times.  A fun fact about me is that I am scared of butterflies and enjoy eating cold food.  (Let me know if you feel the same way).

Check out my officer portfolio!

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