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Eva Sood


Eva Sood

Pan-American Summit

Hey yall! My name is Eva Sood and I’m a senior at Freehold High School. I am so excited to be chairing the Pan-American Summit this year and cannot wait to meet everyone on my committee in person this year. Being a delegate in this committee for the past two years, I have grown so much as a delegate and have had such an amazing time creating new memories. As chair, it is my goal that every person has a great experience in their own way. One piece of advice I have before the conference is to enjoy it. The weekend goes by really fast, so make sure to take time to soak it in and have fun, especially if you are a senior or even if it’s your first conference!

Some things to know about me are that I love the beach, hiking, hanging out with friends, and staying in. One of my favorite shows of all time is New Girl and my favorite artists are Drake, J. Cole, The Weeknd, and Rhianna. I run on caffeine and my favorite foods are pasta, tacos, and bagels. Aside from favorites, I really hope to pursue medicine in the future. Currently, I am taking an EMT class where I’m learning all about the patient and pre-hospital care.

I am beyond excited to meet delegates in person, and to learn all about you! I’m looking forward to a good year!

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