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Jordan Pai

North Hunterdon

Jordan  Pai

Nation Building

Hi! I’m Jordan Pai and am so excited to be one of your Nation Building Committee chairs this year! A rising senior from the North Hunterdon High School delegation, I hope to make this year the best for you and I! I play tennis for school, and soccer, basketball, and volleyball outside of school for fun. I am also the president of the Red Cross club and Environmental club. I also play bass for jazz band and pit orchestra! Because of that I love a song with a good bassline. Any Michael Jackson song, and a lot of alternative music is amazing. My all time favorite thing ever is boba. I love a good bubble tea, and will always recommend Gong Cha. I will order a medium Lemon AiYu with white pearls, less ice, and half sugar. My favorite food is sushi. I've recently started trying more raw sushi and can confirm that tuna is the best sashimi.

Through Model UN I’ve met so many amazing people that I enjoy hanging out with every year. This is my fifth year in civic engagement, and I’m not lying when I say I have enjoyed every moment of it. There are the obvious fun things like the MUN dance which I am so excited for this year and resolution debate which always has interesting topics. There are also the little things that make MUN special, the side conversations during committee, and the awesome friendships I’ve made. Something that has kept me coming back to Model UN year after year has been the feeling of empowerment I get after every conference. You don’t have to get it by speaking a lot, although it does work, but you can get it by trying new things. Leave it all on the floor, dance or debate.

Check out my officer portfolio!

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