Keshav Viradia

Hunterdon Central

Keshav Viradia

International Court of Justice

Hello, delegates! My name is Keshav Viradia and I am cochairing the International Court of Justice. This is my third year representing the Hunterdon Central Regional High School delegation and I can’t wait to meet you all at conference. Hopefully this year we can all get to know each other like the past conferences and push each other to be the delegates we want to be. My advice to first-years especially is to say what you want whenever you want. There’s no rush to get on the speaker’s list, so speak your mind once you’re ready. It’ll be refreshing to get back in Hershey for an in-person conference so I hope you are all as excited as the officers are.

My favorite part of MUN is definitely seeing the different ways that committee members think about the same topic. I can’t wait to see how the ICJ tackles the cases my co-chair and I picked this year. Everyone has their lives outside of MUN, and it’s super interesting to see how everyone’s life experiences have shaped their politics in deliberation.

Outside of MUN, I am a photographer for hire, drummer, and tennis player. I love skiing, hiking, and natural history. When I’m not behind a drum set or on the tennis court, I volunteer at the local rescue squad (shoutout to Squad 48). I’m also a bodybuilding fan and love the gym. This summer, I’ve been playing a lot of tennis, lifting weights with friends, and relaxing with family.

Get excited delegates, this year is going to be awesome!