Kieran McLean

Greater Monmouth County Y

Kieran McLean

Middle-East & North African Summit

Hello everyone! My name is Kieran McLean and it is my honor to serve as your Model United Nations 2021-2022 Middle Eastern North African Chair. I am a junior in the computer science magnet program at Freehold Boro High School and am proudly a part of the Freehold MUN Delegation. A little bit about me, this will be my first year as a MUN officer. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run this year because I felt I would miss the liveliness of debate, however, I decided that I wouldn’t want to regret not having this experience, and that I wanted to create a better conference for all delegates in the Middle Eastern North African Summit. Freshman year, MUN was an experience I never had before, I still remember being awake playing games with my roommates when I should have been sleeping. I want to make it possible to create memories like this one and more by being a chair.

Outside of MUN, I live and breathe soccer. I’m a big Chelsea fan and never miss an opportunity to brag about winning the Champions League. I play varsity soccer for Freehold Boro and play for the Cedar Stars MLS 2 team. I play center back and center mid, and it is one of my goals to play soccer in college and beyond.

All in all, I’m excited to see you all at conference next year, we have great things planned! A piece of advice to any first years: don’t overthink things. If you have something on your mind, the idea doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to share. Enjoy the build up to conference and I look forward to January!