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Lori Ackerman


Lori Ackerman

Middle-East & North African Summit

Hi friends! My name is Lori Ackerman, I am from the Dulaney High School delegation and this is my sixth year of doing Model UN. I am the chair of the Middle East and North African (MENA) Summit, but in the past I have also been in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SocHum) committee. This will be my first time as a chair and I am so excited to help my delegates learn about the MENA region and learn about the issues it faces. I hope that my delegates come away from the Conference with the same passion for solving problems around the world that I have.

Outside of MUN, I am the president of my school’s Debate Team. I love debate so much, it has made me better informed of issues around the world and improved my speaking and writing so much. I am the kind of person who enjoys yelling intelligently! I am also involved in the National Honor Society and Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor society. In both of these clubs, I am able to serve my community. Service has been instilled in me since a young age, and I look for every opportunity to uplift all people who need it. I also love to hike and go on backpacking trips. As a career, I am stuck between being an outdoor educator or a diplomat.

My advice to new delegates is, if you have never stayed up past midnight before, do it at the Conference. I did it my first year of MUN and it was such a fun bonding experience with my friends; something about being delirious and giddy together makes for the sweetest memories!

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