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Mairead Debrabander


Mairead Debrabander


Hello, all! My name is Mairead(a.k.a. Ray) DeBrabander, and I am a senior in High School. I am from the Dulaney High School Delegation and this will be my fourth and final year in Model United Nations. For my first two years in MUN I was part of the Social-Humanitarian committee, however these past two years I’ve participated in Press and loved it! This is my first year as a committee chair, and I am so excited to meet my fellow officers and delegates.

Outside of MUN, I am very involved in theater and music at my school. I have been in 5 shows at my school, one in freshman year and two in my sophomore and junior years. This year, I was the lead in my school’s musical, Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, and enjoyed every minute of it. I am also president of my school’s french club, and the treasurer of Tri-M(music honors society) as well.

My biggest piece of advice to new delegates is to be outgoing at conference. Rather than stay with your delegation, reach out to people from other schools! To this day I am still in touch with people I met at past conferences.

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