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Molly Sugalski

Western Y

Molly Sugalski

International Criminal Court

Hi everyone! My name is Molly Sugalski, and I am beyond excited to meet you all this year! I am this year’s ICC B chair and a senior at Tower Hill School, part of the Western Family Y delegation (in Delaware). I hope to make this year exciting and fun for all of you! This is my fourth year doing MUN, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way; we really are a family (and maybee..sometimes a cult).

In my free time, I am president of our schools East and Southeast Asian student association, captain of our Mock Trial team, co-editor in chief of our school’s literary art’s magazine, and a volunteer tutor for low-income students! I also do a lot of photography and art, specifically portrait photography. My favorite Disney movie is Tangled, and my favorite music artists are Lorde, Hozier, flor, NIKI, Steve Lacy, David Bowie, and Taylor Swift! I love going to concerts or music festivals, trying new restaurants, and walking around SOHO or Chelsea!

Some advice for you all this year is to think outside the box. That may sound simple, but it works; I promise. ICC is all about bending rules or using information specifically to benefit your side of the case. You don’t have to always use a cookie-cutter argument. Some of the best and most effective arguments come from taking a risk and doing something your opponent isn’t expecting! By pushing yourself a little bit farther or adding some creativity or uniqueness to your presentation, you improve your debate exponentially! I look forward to seeing you all, and I wish you the best season ever!

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