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Pranav Tikkawar

St. Joseph

Pranav Tikkawar

General Assembly

Hello Delegates! My name is Pranav Tikkawar and I’ll be chairing the General Assembly this year at the 2023 Model UN conference. I am currently a senior at St. Joseph’s High School and this is going to be my third year doing Model UN and my first year as chair. Even though I was apprehensive about joining my freshman year so I started my sophomore year. I ended up loving MUN so much. I was determined to get the officer position so I can help other delegates to have an even better experience than I did.

Other than MUN, I participate in another YMCA civic engagement program, Youth and Government. I also participate in Varsity Tennis, the environmental club, and I play 5 instruments. The instruments I play are the guitar, drums, violin, ukulele, and piano. Admittedly the violin and piano are not amazing but I take classes for the other 3 instruments. I am a really big Billy Joel fan and listen to him almost 24/7.

One piece of advice I would recommend to any delegate is to reach out to people for help with resolutions. One of the most fun things of my conference experience last year was working together with another delegate on a resolution as any idea I came up with my resolution partner perfected and vice versa. When it came time to debate on the resolution, I was nervous but my partner eased my tension and made my whole conference experience better. This is an experience I hope all my delegates have; I hope they all feel comfortable. If they don't, I know that in MUN there is always someone who will lend out a helping hand and I definitely will help in any way I can too.

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