Sophia Joseph


Sophia Joseph

Nation Building

Hi angels! My name is Sophi Joseph, and I will be the Co-Chair of Nation Building Committee for the 2022 conference! I’m from the Cranford Delegation, and at Cranford High School, I’m a rising senior. Something interesting about me is I love astrology, and I’m a Libra sun, Sagittarius rising, and Gemini moon! I look forward to meeting everyone, and if you ever need a tarot card reading, I’m your girl :)

For the 2022 conference, I’m most excited to make new friends: for the last three years, Model U.N. has been a second home for me, and I’ve never met such a unique, compassionate, and intelligent group of people until I joined MUN. My goals for this conference is to a) make new friends b) make everyone feel included and comfortable c) broaden my perspective about different topics.

Besides Model U.N, I have a plethora of hobbies and interests: I’m a model for Latitude Talent Studios; I‘ve published a book and adore poetry; I’m a swimmer; I’m obsessed with frogs (just ask me about frogs, and I’ll just go on a tangent); and I love collecting crystals! My biggest advice for first years is try and make some really good friends—the people at M.U.N are some of the least judgmental and most loving people ever. The bonds you make at conference are so much more important than winning any award, and I mean that :)