Sophie Wang


Sophie Wang


Hi everyone!  My name is Sophie Wang, and I’m so excited to be serving as a Press Co-Editor-in-Chief at the 2022 conference!  I’m a junior at Montgomery High School and I’ll be entering my third year in Model UN.

To be more specific about what I’m looking forward to, I’m especially excited about meeting new people and making new friends. Depending on how many other officer bios you’ve read, you’ll see a lot of officers have said something similar, but it truly is such an essential aspect of Model UN.  This ties in with the advice that I want to give, which is to be bold and branch out to as many people as possible.  Whether you’re attending conference with a bunch of your friends or if you’re flying solo, there are so many unique and amazing people to meet!

Outside of MUN, I often find myself around kids, doing things like babysitting and tutoring.  I also love baking, playing guitar, and hand lettering/calligraphy.  I can’t wait to meet everyone at conference!