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Sophie Wang


Sophie Wang

Deputy Secretary-General

Hi everyone! I’m Sophie Wang and I’m so honored to serve as your first ever Deputy Secretary-General! I’m a senior at Montgomery High School and this will be my fourth year in Model UN. For two out of my four years in MUN, I was a part of Press, which will always have a special place in my heart. One of my favorite memories was when I posted the unboxing video that I made two years ago. I’d say that the feeling that others might get over passing their first resolution is the same feeling I had when I posted that video. That’s why the advice that I’d give to all of you is to remember your experience is going to be unique and different from everyone else’s. My MUN experience has been nothing like what I expected my freshman year, but I’ve realized that there is so much passion, excitement, and MUN love to go around!

A fun fact about me is that my dream would be to own a cat cafe when I retire, even though I’ve never even been to one before. I also love watching sunrises, sunsets, and just the sky in general. I hope to turn my hobby of calligraphy and hand lettering into a potential service or business. I love trying new foods, so much to the point that even after I’ve found something on a menu that I like, I would still pick something I haven’t tried. One last thing about me is that I am beyond excited to meet all of you at this year’s conference!

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