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Tamiyana Roemer


Tamiyana Roemer


Hi everyone! My name is Tamiyana Roemer, but you can call me Tami! I am a senior from the Cranford High School Delegation, and I can’t wait to be one of your Press Editor-in-Chiefs this year!

Other than being a MUN officer, one of my favorite pastimes is teaching swim lessons. I also love reading (my favorite book is Crying in H-Mart by Michelle Zauner), so I started a book club at my school. When I can, I love going to concerts (I just saw Michelle Zauner in concert this summer… life changing)! I’ve also recently started film photography, which I highly recommend taking up to capture your high school memories… Perhaps even at Conference!

This Conference, I urge you to unleash your creative side. Especially in Press, we value all of the unique ideas you may bring to the table. Our delegation depends upon the imagination and innovation that you offer us. Who better to help press appeal to our peers than you? Your experiences with social media, exposure to advertisements, or engagement in school clubs can all come in handy this year, so don’t be afraid to offer your input!

Here’s a playlist of some of my current favorite songs:

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