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Yuvakshi Khanna

Western Family Y

Yuvakshi Khanna

European Summit

Hi everyone! My name is Yuvakshi Khanna and I am the European Summit chair for this year! I am a senior at MOT Charter High School down in Delaware and am from the Western Family Y delegation. This year will be my third year in MUN as well as my third year being a part of the European Summit.

A little about me, I love listening to music, and I will listen to a wide range of genres. My longest playlist right now is almost 37 hours and has over 500 songs. I also really enjoy baking and reading. During quarantine, I really built a habit of baking every week and have made so many ranging from black forest cake to cinnamon sugar croissants. During my junior year, I even had my own baking business where I sold a different variety of cookies and cinnamon rolls. Outside of MUN, I am involved in Youth in Government (yes it's YIG, not YAG), speech and debate, student government, and mental health awareness club. I even play volleyball and do taekwondo. I really enjoy putting myself out there, and alot of that has stemmed from being a part of different CE programs such as MUN and YIG.

If I had to give one piece of advice for conference or just in general, it would have to just be yourself and put yourself out there because honestly what is the worst that could happen? While it may sound generic, I can guarantee that you are not the only person who is nervous or scared of speaking up whether that be in debate or just in terms of socializing. The one great thing about CE is that everyone is there to support you no matter what and you will always have someone to lean on. Have fun, speak your mind and just be yourself. Make this experience worth it!

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