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Zoe Jenkins-Hiscox

North Hunterdon

Zoe Jenkins-Hiscox

World Health Organization

As for advice during Conference, do your research! There are so many different resources available to help you and make the work less difficult, and it really makes the whole experience so much more special. The most memorable moments in MUN come from debates when delegates know about their topics! I recommend reading through the topic descriptions for your respective committees, they are all well researched by my fellow officers and take a look at the citations on those things! I remember when I first read through my topic descriptions I completely skipped over the citations, but they are incredibly useful. Our officers have them listed in terms of how useful they were to help them write these topic descriptions, so you can bet they’ll be just as helpful for you when you’re looking for resources to do research on your countries. With that, I wish you luck on your Conference preparations and can’t wait to see you there!

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