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Model UN Leadership Opportunities


Secretary-General is the highest elected student position available at YMCA Model United Nations and the only leadership position elected by all delegates. This role is a tremendous honor and therefore should be considered and met with a high level of dedication and determination.


The largest portion of the Secretary-General’s work is leading the training and enabling of other elected student officers in preparation for the annual conference. This includes (but is not limited to) assigning and reviewing committee topic descriptions, managing officer development portfolios, guiding officers through parliamentary procedure practice, planning agendas for monthly officer meetings, overseeing progress of officer sub-committees, and serving as the formal liaison for all communication between officers and YMCA program staff. 

2024 Secretary-General

Patrick Xia



Officer Corps

At each conference, every committee elects officers to lead the committee for the following program year. This corps of officers collaborates with the Secretary-General and YMCA program staff to develop debate topics and plan the conference through attendance at an annual officers’ retreat in March and several meetings and conference calls throughout the year.  At conference, the committee chair is responsible for maintaining order and ensuring the smooth procedural operation of their respective committee.  Students are given a unique opportunity to learn about leading their peers and working with others in a dynamic, team-oriented setting, a feature that sets Y-MUN apart from other high school programs.

Information about the 2024-2025 officer corps will be available at the Y-MUN Conference.

Youth Secretariat

The Youth Secretariat (YS) is charged with preparing delegates for conference. YS members are returning delegates serve as liaisons between their delegation and the program. Each delegation designates 2 YS members–one underclassmen and one upperclassmen. For delegations that cover multiple schools, we are happy to make additional accommodations.
YS members are tasked with many responsibilities, including preparing delegates for debate by reviewing Parliamentary Procedure, aiding in pre-conference research, and communicating issues and new information between YMCA program staff annd their delegation.
Youth Secretariats are role models in both action and communication, charged with preparing delegates for conference and working to improve the conference experience for all through feedback between the program and the delegations.
The Youth Secretariat is led by two Lead YS who serve as part of the officer corps and works closely with YMCA program staff to provide guidance and assistance as the YS prepare the delegates for conference.

Kiara Menchu

Newark Y

Ryan Stutzenburg

Rancocas Valley

2024 Lead Youth Secretariat

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