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Model UN Advisor Resources

Make sure to enroll your delegation ASAP!

Please see Program Timeline for enrollment link

Our Mission

Links & Contacts

Committees & Topics

2024 Conference Info (includes Major Changes, Key Dates)

Student Leadership Opportunities

Y-MUN Portal

Primary Delegation Advisor Contact:

Lindsay Doyle, Greater Philadelphia YMCA

lindsay [dot] doyle [at] philaymca [dot] org


Important Notes

  • Enroll your delegation ASAP to get set up in the Portal.

  • Add all of your delegates, chaperones, and nurses to the Portal, then make sure they also register!

  • You will assign committees+countries to your students in the Portal!

    • We will help by optionally collecting student committee preferences.​

  • Delegates will use the Portal to attend the Zoom Intro Session and submit their Pre-Conference Writing Assignment.

  • Throughout the fall, please focus your time with students on parliamentary procedure, resolution writing, and public speaking. We will continue to hold advisor meetings focused on conference logistics.

  • We have pre-scheduled Lead Advisor meetings throughout the fall. We encourage you to join these calls as they will provide the most up-to-date information regarding the program. It is also a great opportunity to ask questions! All meetings will be at 4:00pm and will be recorded. Zoom/dial-in details will be shared in an email reminder as each meeting approaches.

    • Tuesday, September 12

    • Tuesday, October 10

    • Tuesday, November 7

    • Tuesday, November 28

    • Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Advisor Responsibilities

Prior to Conference

  • Meet as a delegation on a regular basis to ensure that students are prepared for conference

  • Assist students as they prepare research and pre-conference assignments, practice parliamentary procedure and YMCA core values (honesty, respect, caring and responsibility)

  • Relay information on registration and logistics to students

  • Add all delegates and advisors, assign committee+country to delegates, assign delegation hotel rooms

During Conference:

  • Supervise delegates during assigned committee sessions

    • Conference committee staff is responsible for supporting the student officer(s) and executing the conference program, not delegate supervision

    • Advisors are responsible for sign-in and -out, enforcing conference dress code, and addressing behavioral issues

  • Supervise delegates during meals, ceremonies, free time activities, and other mixed-group sessions (helping to monitor behavior and keep decorum)

  • Supervise delegates in hotel rooms.

    • Advisors are responsible for ensuring conference curfew is met, and are required to remain in the hallway for a minimum of 30 minutes after curfew to ensure students are quiet and in their rooms

    • Hotel Security will be monitoring our conference space throughout the evening to aid advisors in maintaining a safe space for our young people

  • Facilitate delegation roundtables for group reflection and updated logistics

  • Attend advisor meetings when scheduled during the conference

  • As needed, serve on conference award committees, participate in focus groups

Check Out the Y-MUN Portal Now!

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