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Delegate Resources

Committee Topic Descriptions

Pre-Conference Assignments

Most delegates will complete a Government Research Project (GRP). The GRP is designed to help you organize your research as you prepare to debate your committee's topics. A template and sample GRP are available to review below.

Government Research Project Template

Sample Government Research Project

There are 3 parts of a GRP: background information, position on topics, and a draft resolution. Following this three-section format will organize and properly prepare you to speak on your country’s viewpoint and propose effective solutions to your topics. Check out the sample GRP for an example and guidance.


What makes a good GRP?


  • Contains relevant information regarding the delegate’s assigned country

  • Suggests innovative ideas for new resolutions

  • Is well-researched and original

  • Is cited properly and not plagiarized

  • Derives its information from multiple sources

Needs Improvement:

  • Short sentences that lack detail

  • Off-topic draft resolution (Check your officer’s email to identify your committee’s topics)

  • Doesn’t provide sufficient background—try to understand the historical/economic context of your nation

Delegates in the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ) will complete a legal brief as a team. A brief contains all of the legal arguments for a given case. The brief should explain all of the relevant facts as if the reader has no background knowledge, and should walk the reader through arguments in a logical, consistent matter

ICC: Example Prosecution Brief

ICC: Example Defense Brief

ICJ: Example Brief

ICJ: Brief-Writing Guide

Press delegates will complete pre-conference journalism assignments. More information to come from your officers.

All pre-conference assignments will be submitted on the Y-MUN Portal (


These are suggestions to start your research. Review the GRP template and detailed committee topics for more specific resources.

Helpful Websites


Tips and Tricks! 

  • Double-check your sources

  • Do not procrastinate

  • Do not be afraid to use other sources (not listed above)

  • Keep your sources in mind during the conference, especially when speaking 

  • Make sure to reach out to your officer(s) if you need any assistance! 

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