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Youth Governor Election

2025 Youth Governor Candidates

Youth Governor Election Process:

All Candidates will be given an in-depth run through of the Election Process upon submission of their Nomination Form.


Prior to Pre-Legislative Session 


Pre-Legislative Session 

  • All Candidates will participate in an Introductory Press Conference at the end of the Pre-Legislative Session.

  • Candidates will individually have a short introduction video recorded by the Press Corps to be placed on the website and disperse through social media


Between Pre-Legislative Session and Conference

  • Campaigning Session at the discretion of the candidate

  • Press Corps will record an interview with candidate



  • Candidates will give a final speech during Opening Ceremony, after which, the preliminary vote will occur.

  • A Gubernatorial Debate will occur during the dinner of the same day with the advancing candidates.

  • Final remarks will be given during lunch on Day 2 of Conference; voting will occur thereafter and the rising Governor will be announced during the dinner program on Day 2.


Campaign Regulations:

  • Election speeches are to address platform issues of interest

  • Speeches are to emphasize the candidate’s own strengths and aspirations, they may not include any negative comments about the opponent(s)

  • Campaigns are to address issues of concern to both the State of New Jersey and the Youth and Government Program. Candidates are encouraged to avoid making promises that cannot be kept or statements that cannot be supported with factual data. 

  • Program Staff has the discretion to request a change in Campaign promises and materials.

  • Candidates are encouraged to visit with other delegations between Pre-Legislative Session and the program.  Permission is to be obtained, in advance, from the delegation advisor and must be disclosed in advance to Program Staff

  • All campaign materials and activities are to be in good taste, reflect a positive image, and adhere to the YMCA Ground Rules

  • Candidates are not permitted to buy or give gifts of any kind to delegates, including pens, t-shirts, stickers, and buttons.

  • No campaign material may be posted on conference premises.


Violations of the rules may result in immediate disqualification from running for office

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