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David Ji


David Ji

Environment & Technology

Hey! My name is David Ji and I am the chair of the Environment and Technology committee. I am currently a sophomore at Montgomery High School in Central Jersey, and thus this is only my second year participating in MUN. This fact, however, is something that can be turned into an important piece of advice for all delegates: take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, regardless of the specific situation you may find yourself in. If you at least try, you never know what might happen.

As an individual, I like to describe myself as a series of dichotomies, both in personality and hobbies. Among close friends, I can often seem like an open, even occasionally boisterous person. However, it is equally often the case that I behave with a reserved, even introverted air among those that I am less familiar with. While I am often prone to overthinking, especially in academic and athletic contexts, I am equally prone to a lack of consideration in social settings. I tend towards rational and logical thinking, analyzing real world situations with an almost mathematical attitude. However, at the same time, bursts of almost artistic imagination are not unknown to me. My hobbies are likewise diverse. As an athlete, I play soccer on both my school’s soccer team, and a local club. As an academic, I find joy in competition math and in my school’s Science Olympiad team. As a gamer, I play a wide variety of video games (which change quite often) while as a musician, I play the cello with my school orchestra and occasionally play the piano in my free time.

I can’t wait to meet all of you at conference! In the meantime, however, if you want a little bit more information about me in a MUN specific context, here’s the link to my officer portfolio:

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