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Welcome to Y-MUN 2022!

Hello delegates,

My name is Justin Anderson and I’m super excited to be serving as your Secretary-General this year! I’m a senior at Westfield High School, and it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 2021-2022 MUN season!

Your officers and I have been working alongside the staff for many months to prepare this experience for everyone. We are thrilled to announce that we will be proceeding with plans for an in-person conference, back at the Hershey Lodge! I’ll emphasize that this is a plan as of right now, and there is certainly an opportunity that this may change as we continually monitor the status of the pandemic. Safety will always be our #1 priority and modifications will be made to the conference experience to ensure that. That said, I simply cannot wait for everything in store for January!

There are still several months before conference begins, but I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity given to you between now and then. The time will fly by. The more effort you put in now towards your government research paper and connecting with members of your delegation, the more rewarding your experience at conference will be.

If this is your first year, I look forward to meeting you and if not, I look forward to seeing you again! It is completely normal to feel nervous. Nerves are just hidden excitement! Your delegation advisors, officers, conference staff, youth secretariats, and I are all available to help, so do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all.

See you soon!

Justin Anderson

2022 YMCA Model UN Secretary-General

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