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Nitil Raj


Nitil Raj

Security Council

Hey everyone! My name is Nitil Raj and I am chairing Security Council A for the 2022 Y-MUN conference. I’m a junior representing Marlboro High School’s delegation, and it will be my third year in Model UN. But, it’s gonna be my first year of being a MUN Officer. My journey through MUN has been a wild, rocky road from starting as a quiet, unconfident frosh to getting best delegate just a year later. MUN has transformed my confidence and speaking abilities in such a short time. I remember the day I decided right before last years conference that I was gonna make an effort to put myself out there. And as you can see I haven’t looked back. Some advice I will give to delegates is just to simply speak whats on your mind, throw out all the jargon and fancy words you hear everyone say. Simply, speak what you believe and what your nation believes.

Besides for just MUN I do a lot of other things, mainly with sports and other extracurriculars. I’ve been on varsity tennis for Marlboro HS, and love to ski in cool places like Switzerland and Vermont. One of my favoirtie things I do is ride for EMS in my town, I became the youngest ever EMT in the area, so it’s always fun to go out on calls and potentially save lives. Overall, the whole EMT class prepared me not only to save lives, but how to live my life. Anyways, over the past couple of years I’ve grown a lot and I’m excited to reflect those changes in my work as a MUN officer.

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